Complementary Alternative Medicine Therapies for Addiction

Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) Therapies can be defined as therapies that treat the underlying causes of addiction using a diverse set of techniques that aren’t normally practiced in conventional Western medicine. These therapies use the entire body to treat the causes of addiction, which then teaches the body and mind to heal itself.

Our CAM Therapies Program

At Restore, we utilize CAM therapies to help alleviate or reduce withdrawal symptoms. When you’re addicted to a substance, your brain’s neurotransmitters can become damaged. With CAM therapies, we’re able to accelerate the healing process of these neurotransmitters. In result, patients have stated that they experienced little to no withdrawal symptoms and a quicker addiction recovery.

CAM Therapies We Offer During Detox

Complementary Alternative Medicine therapies come in many different forms. Depending on the individual and the addiction, we would consider some of the following techniques during the detox process:

Restore Neurotransmitter Restoration Program: Helps alleviate withdrawals with IV amino acid, mineral, and vitamin infusions.

Oral Therapies: In order to supplement your nutritional regimen, we use oral vitamins & minerals along with amino acids after your IV infusions.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT): This technique uses light sources which causes the brain to release endorphins that are similar to those endorphins addictive substances can release. This then tricks the brain to relax your addictive cravings.

Nutritional Support: In order to fully recover your body from the damaging side effects of substance abuse, we offer ongoing nutritional support to help restore your body back to a healthy nutrition.

Hypnotherapy: This technique is used for both mental health and addiction matters. With your focused attention and guidance by our professionals, your state of mind will be able to explore your thoughts and feelings differently. In this state, you will be able to block cravings of addiction and perceive these urges differently, in comparison to your conscious state of mind.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Complete physical relaxation is known to free the body of tension which helps reduce those cravings for addictive substances.

Visual Imagery Therapy: Think of this technique as a way to view your inner self’s thoughts and feelings. Seeing your inner self often leads to unconsciously directing your life into a healthier future, addiction free.

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