Top 4 Reasons To Choose Our Restore Detox Services In Florida

Top 4 Reasons To Choose Our Restore Detox Services In FloridaIf you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or substance abuse, you may have considered a variety of treatment options. While some people are able to successfully walk away from their addictions using an outpatient treatment such as AA or NA, there are many people who require a thorough detox to succeed. The detox process can be painful which is why we offer a comprehensive detox regimen here in beautiful Florida that will safely, comfortably and effectively put you on the road to sobriety.

1. Natural Detox Experience

While many detox programs may utilize narcotic pain relievers or in some cases a drug that mimics the one you are abusing, our program uses a combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The Restore Detox System is a natural way to make your detox experience go smoothly without taking additional medications. Why use more drugs to overcome an addiction to drugs? This method only serves to prolong the addiction while gradually decreasing the amount you use. Our natural detox services in Florida allow you to walk away from drugs while using IV treatments and oral supplements that are specifically designed for you.

2. Individualized Detox Treatment Programs

No two people are the same. The same goes for drug and alcohol addiction. Since each case of addiction is completely different, we customize each patient’s treatment program. When you first enter our treatment program you will meet with trained professionals who will run tests and get your general health information as well as information about your addictions. Once this information has been gathered, we will begin planning your treatment protocol.

Because many patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction also have poor nutritional patterns, our program begins with three weeks of oral supplements. These supplements are designed to improve digestive as well as cellular function. This is to prepare your body for the IV treatments that will complete your detox program.

3. Variable Length

Unlike many treatment programs that have a set schedule for your treatment, we allow you to naturally detox for as long or as short as necessary. Your personalized detox will be no less than three weeks but can last as long as you need. We know that your treatment may not be complete within a set schedule and allowing you the time you need, will help to insure against a possible relapse.

4. No Need For Time Off From Work Or Family

If you are one of the many people who are unable to a take a lengthy leave from work, we are here to help you. Our detox program in sunny Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is completed on your schedule allowing you to naturally detox while still enjoying your family and career.

While the oral treatment portion is done completely at home, the IV treatments will require you to make at least three visits to our facility each week. While undergoing the IV treatments, you are able to schedule your appointments at your convenience.

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