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Is Your Fear Of Drug Detox And Withdrawal Holding You Back From Getting Treatment?

Detox And Withdrawal Addiction Treatment Benefits

If you are considering entering a treatment program to overcome your addictions, you may have heard the stories of painful detox and withdrawal symptoms that occur at the start of addiction detox/treatment. If these stories are holding you back from the treatment you want and need to regain control of your life, rest assured that we can help make the process more comfortable.

Unique Addiction Treatment Benefits

At Restore Detox, we offer unique and custom addiction treatment benefits, including:

A Natural Treatment Solution

While many treatment programs may have you detox from drugs and alcohol on your own while providing some relief of the symptoms, our program focuses on supplying your body with the nutrients it desperately needs. Using an IV as well as oral supplements, we will work to repair your digestive health. By treating your digestive system, we will help to alleviate many of the side effects that often accompany drug detox and withdrawal.

Custom Treatment Programs

Each addiction is different and each patient will have individual needs. For this reason we will perform lab testing before designing the detox program for you. Once we have received the results of your lab tests, we will begin designing the ideal treatment plan for you. The type of plan we choose will depend on the types of substances you are addicted to as well as your overall health. By tailoring each program to the individual patients we ensure the best results possible.

Freedom To Live Your Life

Many detox programs require you to stay in the facility until you have completed detox and treatment. We believe that your family and work obligations are equally as important as your recovery. For this reason, we offer an intensive outpatient treatment program that allows you to return to your family and job after each treatment.

Don’t let your fear of painful withdrawal symptoms stop you from seeking the treatment you need. Try a natural detox plan that is custom designed for your individual needs. You will be able to overcome your addiction while still continuing your daily life.

Call Us Now To Overcome Your Fear And Begin A New Life Of Freedom From Drugs And Alcohol!

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Outpatient Detox An Option For Addicts Like Growing Pains’ Jeremy Miller

Former Growing Pains star Jeremy Miller shared his struggles with alcohol addiction after the show ended taping in the early 1990s on in an interview on Entertainment Tonight recently. Miller was a child actor who was cast in 1985 as Ben Seaver on the ABC sitcom, which ran for seven years.

After the show ended, Miller starred in three reunion movies of the sitcom. He also had a few other roles before withdrawing from the public eye.

Heavy Drinking And Blackouts

When the acting work became scarce, Miller would go to the liquor store, buy a pint and drink it before noon. By evening he would have finished another one. His drinks of choice were vodka, bourbon and malt liquor.

Miller says during this time he would experience blackouts. His alcohol use was a way of suppressing emotions, but it did not start once Growing Pains wrapped for good.

Alcohol Addiction Started In Childhood

According to Miller, he started drinking when he was four years old. His grandparents told stories about how he would finish guests’ beers during parties.

During his time on Growing Pains, Miller’s alcohol use got worse. He said that there were times when he felt suicidal and that he was thankful he did not own a gun during that time in his life.

Miller has turned his life around and has now been clean for two years. He works in a recovery clinic as a patient advocate and has two movie roles in pre-production.

Addiction Treatment Can Change Lives

Miller’s experience is proof that people can change their lives by getting the right help. Inpatient treatment is one approach but when a celebrity checks into a facility the story tends to make headlines. Both people in the public eye and those with a lower profile who need help with addiction have the option of getting help without having to move into a residential program.

Outpatient Detox an Option for Addicts like Growing Pains' Jeremy Miller

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Outpatient detox is the first step in treating clients with substance abuse issues. Clients need to be free from chemicals before they can start counseling to deal with the underlying issues with their addiction. This approach allows clients to go through the process in a kinder, gentler manner and return home at night. Throughout the process, they get as much support as they need to ensure they are comfortable.

Natural alcohol detox is a way to break free from the influence of alcohol without introducing different types of drugs into a client’s system. Instead, IV and oral supplements are used over several weeks to start healing the physical body by improving stomach and cellular function.

This method can also be used for natural drug detox for clients seeking help to break free from prescription and street drugs as well. After this step, they move on to group and individual counseling, and holistic treatment options.

If you, or a loved one is struggling with addiction and looking for a holistic treatment approach contact Restore today!

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Drug Addiction Signs And Treatment

No one sets out to deliberately become an addict. This disease develops over time, and the signs and symptoms of drug addiction are not easy to spot right away. When you observe several of them together in a loved one’s behavior, they add up to an issue that needs to be addressed.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Drug Addiction?

The following are signs of drug addiction:

  • Drug Addiction Signs And TreatmentUsing the drug on a regular basis (daily or more than once per day)
  • Trying and failing to stop using the drug independently
  • Spending money on the drug, even if it means doing without essentials
  • Feeling as though the drug is necessary to deal with everyday problems
  • Driving or performing other risky activities while under the influence of the drug
  • Spending a lot of time and energy on obtaining and using the drug
  • Neglecting activities that were pleasurable to use the drug
  • Foregoing spending time with friends and family to obtain or use drugs
  • Doing things like lying or stealing to obtain more of the drug

Looking For A West Florida Outpatient Treatment For Drug Addiction?

Effective treatment in West Florida is available, and you do not have to wait until someone reaches “rock bottom” before starting the process by getting them into an outpatient detox program. With this model, clients can go through the process of getting rid of the influence of drugs from their system without having to leave their jobs or families. It’s much more convenient than checking into a residential program, and clients can still get as much hands-on support as they need throughout this necessary process.

This Palm Beach outpatient detox program combines traditional drugs used in detox medicine to keep clients comfortable during the process with natural treatments. Together, they help to foster a softer landing during this crucial stage and help to repair the brain’s neurotransmitters to set the stage for long-term sobriety.

Successful detoxification is required before any drug addiction treatment can start. By offering treatment on an outpatient basis, clients can get support from family members and friends and go through the process in a way that makes sense to them.

This treatment model removes barriers to starting the process and makes it easy to get started on the road to a sober life. Call us today to find out more about outpatient treatment for drug addiction.

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