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Holistic vs. Medical Detox – Which Is More Effective?

Medically Supervised Holistic Detox | Holistic vs. Medical DetoxWhen looking into a treatment program for your drug and alcohol addictions, you may have noticed there are two types of detox treatment programs available. You may choose a holistic or a medical detox program. A holistic approach focuses on naturally removing the toxins of the drugs or alcohol from your body. The medical approach administers medications that mimic the drugs you are using and slowly wean you off of them. A medical-only detox can often lead to painful withdrawal symptoms while the holistic approach can lead you through a more comfortable detox process. We here at Restore Detox, offer a medically-supervised, natural detox program.

Holistic Approach To Recovery

We believe that detoxing from substance abuse should not be a painful experience. You can easily overcome your addictions by receiving the proper nutrients through IV and oral treatments. These nutrients work to restore the proper function of your body while releasing the drug toxins. While you are completing a holistic detox regimen, you will be given a strict diet to follow. Between the diet plan and the supplements, you will have a virtually pain-free detox process.

Medical Detox Approach

While the medical approach has been the go to for drug and alcohol detox treatment for decades, more people are discovering that painful detox can affect your overall health. This is particularly true if you have underlying health conditions such as thyroid problems.

If you are completing an outpatient medical detox program, you may be given medications that act to mimic the drugs you are working to recover from. A common medication used in outpatient drug treatment programs is methadone. You will begin with a higher dose of the medication and then slowly be weaned off of it over time.

How We Do Holistic Detox

Our medically supervised, holistic approach to drug addiction recovery and detox is effective because it is customized for you. The first step to your treatment is to undergo a medical and psychological screening. During this process we will create an individualized treatment plan for you. The types of nutrients and amino acids that will be used for your recovery will differ from others in our program based on your personal needs.

If You Are Interested In Learning More About Our Holistic Approach To Drug And Alcohol Detox And Recovery, Call Us Now!

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Top 4 Reasons To Choose Our Restore Detox Services In Florida

Top 4 Reasons To Choose Our Restore Detox Services In FloridaIf you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or substance abuse, you may have considered a variety of treatment options. While some people are able to successfully walk away from their addictions using an outpatient treatment such as AA or NA, there are many people who require a thorough detox to succeed. The detox process can be painful which is why we offer a comprehensive detox regimen here in beautiful Florida that will safely, comfortably and effectively put you on the road to sobriety.

1. Natural Detox Experience

While many detox programs may utilize narcotic pain relievers or in some cases a drug that mimics the one you are abusing, our program uses a combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The Restore Detox System is a natural way to make your detox experience go smoothly without taking additional medications. Why use more drugs to overcome an addiction to drugs? This method only serves to prolong the addiction while gradually decreasing the amount you use. Our natural detox services in Florida allow you to walk away from drugs while using IV treatments and oral supplements that are specifically designed for you.

2. Individualized Detox Treatment Programs

No two people are the same. The same goes for drug and alcohol addiction. Since each case of addiction is completely different, we customize each patient’s treatment program. When you first enter our treatment program you will meet with trained professionals who will run tests and get your general health information as well as information about your addictions. Once this information has been gathered, we will begin planning your treatment protocol.

Because many patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction also have poor nutritional patterns, our program begins with three weeks of oral supplements. These supplements are designed to improve digestive as well as cellular function. This is to prepare your body for the IV treatments that will complete your detox program.

3. Variable Length

Unlike many treatment programs that have a set schedule for your treatment, we allow you to naturally detox for as long or as short as necessary. Your personalized detox will be no less than three weeks but can last as long as you need. We know that your treatment may not be complete within a set schedule and allowing you the time you need, will help to insure against a possible relapse.

4. No Need For Time Off From Work Or Family

If you are one of the many people who are unable to a take a lengthy leave from work, we are here to help you. Our detox program in sunny Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is completed on your schedule allowing you to naturally detox while still enjoying your family and career.

While the oral treatment portion is done completely at home, the IV treatments will require you to make at least three visits to our facility each week. While undergoing the IV treatments, you are able to schedule your appointments at your convenience.

Don’t Suffer From Your Addictions Any Longer – Call Us Now To Begin Your Path To Life-Long Sobriety!

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Are You Ready To Break Free From Drug And Alcohol Addiction?

Are You Ready To Break Free From Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Are you one of the millions of people who seek treatment for drug and alcohol addiction each year? Perhaps you began using these substances to cope with outside stressors or mental illness. If you are unable to enter an inpatient treatment program because of work or family restrictions, you may feel like there is no way you can overcome your addictions.

This is where our outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program comes in. We use a natural detox treatment that allows you to comfortably detox your body while continuing your daily activities.

Gain Without The Usual Pain Of Detoxing

Many people are afraid to enroll in drug and alcohol addiction treatments because they have heard the stories of painful detox and withdrawal symptoms. What if we said you could recover from your addictions without the painful withdrawals? Our program is designed to include amino acids and vitamins that allow you to detox your body without the typical painful withdrawal symptoms. You will come in on a daily schedule for IV and oral treatments and then resume your typical activities without debilitating pain.

Regain Your Freedom From Addiction

Living with an addiction can make you feel as though you are being held against your will. You may have a hard time associating with friends and family members who do not participate in the same substance use as you. By completing our drug and alcohol treatment program, you will be free to fully live your life, substance-free!

Many people who have completed a drug and alcohol rehab program are able to achieve the success they have always desired from their work and home life. Once they have overcome their addictions, they are able to focus on their career and family.

When faced with the struggles of drug and alcohol addiction, it may seem impossible to overcome the power of the substances. Our natural detox program is here to help you detox from drugs and alcohol without painful detox and withdrawal symptoms that frequently accompany the process.

Are You Ready To Regain Your Freedom? Call Us Now To Start A Life Of Happiness And Life-Long Sobriety. We Are Here To Help, 24/7!

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Is Your Fear Of Drug Detox And Withdrawal Holding You Back From Getting Treatment?

Detox And Withdrawal Addiction Treatment Benefits

If you are considering entering a treatment program to overcome your addictions, you may have heard the stories of painful detox and withdrawal symptoms that occur at the start of addiction detox/treatment. If these stories are holding you back from the treatment you want and need to regain control of your life, rest assured that we can help make the process more comfortable.

Unique Addiction Treatment Benefits

At Restore Detox, we offer unique and custom addiction treatment benefits, including:

A Natural Treatment Solution

While many treatment programs may have you detox from drugs and alcohol on your own while providing some relief of the symptoms, our program focuses on supplying your body with the nutrients it desperately needs. Using an IV as well as oral supplements, we will work to repair your digestive health. By treating your digestive system, we will help to alleviate many of the side effects that often accompany drug detox and withdrawal.

Custom Treatment Programs

Each addiction is different and each patient will have individual needs. For this reason we will perform lab testing before designing the detox program for you. Once we have received the results of your lab tests, we will begin designing the ideal treatment plan for you. The type of plan we choose will depend on the types of substances you are addicted to as well as your overall health. By tailoring each program to the individual patients we ensure the best results possible.

Freedom To Live Your Life

Many detox programs require you to stay in the facility until you have completed detox and treatment. We believe that your family and work obligations are equally as important as your recovery. For this reason, we offer an intensive outpatient treatment program that allows you to return to your family and job after each treatment.

Don’t let your fear of painful withdrawal symptoms stop you from seeking the treatment you need. Try a natural detox plan that is custom designed for your individual needs. You will be able to overcome your addiction while still continuing your daily life.

Call Us Now To Overcome Your Fear And Begin A New Life Of Freedom From Drugs And Alcohol!

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What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is a program where a client with a substance abuse problem is systematically rendered free from the influence of drugs or alcohol. This process is conducted in a safe and controlled manner, and is usually performed under the care of a health care professional.

Detox Withdrawal Symptoms

Over time, addicts become physically as well as psychologically dependent on the substances they are using. When they stop drinking or taking drugs (prescription medications or street drugs), they experience physical withdrawal symptoms.

What Is Medical Detox | Natural Detox Center In FloridaDrug and alcohol use affects brain chemistry by stopping normal production of certain neurotransmitters. Once the addict is no longer getting regular “hits” of the addictive substance, the brain doesn’t simply start producing them at normal levels; it responds by producing a burst of adrenalin that produces withdrawal symptoms.

The medical detox program, which is overseen by caring doctors, treats the physiological symptoms that come with stopping drug and alcohol use. It also removes the toxins from the body that have been left as a result of the substance abuse.

All-Natural Detox Program In Florida

Our medical, yet natural detox center in Florida uses the Restore Neurotransmitter Restore Program to naturally and thoroughly restore nutritional and neurotransmitter function for our clients. We understand that the people we serve may have neglected their diet while in the throes of an intense cycle of addiction. In the early stages of recovery, our program delivers the necessary nutrients and amino acids to help repair and restore the digestive system to help start the healing process right away.

We treat our clients with an IV vitamin and mineral repletion and Amino Acid Therapy. Our clients are also provided with a regimen of oral supplements. Each client’s plan is developed with his or her unique needs in mind. Our goal is to speed healing of the digestive system to improve absorption of the nutrients that our clients need.

How Our Detox Program Helps Control Uncomfortable Detox Withdrawal

Through this approach, we can help to control the unpleasant and uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) feelings that accompany withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. Our program includes lab testing so that we can determine exactly what each of our clients need, as well as a personalized plan. Each client receives oral supplements to improve stomach function and IV amino acid restoration treatments at least three times per week for three or four weeks.

Since we offer our treatments on an outpatient basis, our clients can return home after receiving treatment and can continue to work, go to school, and look after their normal obligations in many cases.

To Find Out More About Our Restore Detox Program, Call Us Now! Addiction Recovery Can Be Yours Today!

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New Moorhead “Disruptive Intoxication” Law Helps Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Moorhead, North Dakota’s City Council has unanimously passed a new law which will allow police to arrest people who are drunk and disruptive in public and help move them toward addiction recovery. The “drunken intoxication” ordinance gives officers the power to arrest those who are causing a “disruption,” which is defined as behavior which includes “loud, boisterous yelling, urinating in public, or lewd or combative conduct.” Police can also arrest people who are found drunk and unconscious in a public place.

Consequences For Being Drunk In Public

Moorhead Disruptive Intoxication Law Helps Alcohol Addiction RecoveryWhen a person is arrested and charged with this new offense, he or she is not taken to the county jail to simply “sleep it off.” According to local police, those cells are reserved for people who have been arrested for something more serious, such as driving while under the influence.

Officers have options for dealing with the intoxicated person:

  1. Trying to find a sober adult who will take custody of him or her
  2. Going to detox
  3. Heading to the Emergency Room (if medically necessary)
  4. Driving around in a squad car until the effects of the alcohol wear off

The intoxicated person will also be given a citation and a date to appear before a judge. The court can order alternative sentencing, which can include programs that provide addiction counseling. Police officers are sometimes seeing the same people drunk in public places three or more times in a month, and setting consequences for their actions gets them out of the cycle where they are being enabled in their addiction. Unless something changes, they won’t move forward into alcohol addiction recovery.

Enabling Not Helpful For Addicts

Enabling is different from helping a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. When friends, family, or even professional addiction counselors start doing things for a person that take away the logical consequences of his or her actions, then they are contributing to the problem.

The goal of the new Moorhead law is not to punish people who are drunk in public, but to ensure that they appreciate there are consequences to their actions – especially for those individuals who are repeat offenders.

At Restore Detox, we know that getting drunk in public is a sign that someone needs help. Detox and addiction recovery can start as soon as a client comes to us for help. We can offer an individualized, natural outpatient treatment program that allows you or your loved one to return home at the end of each day.

Contact us now to learn more about how this holistic addiction recovery option can lead to a new, more positive life of sobriety!

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Is Outpatient Detox Safe And Effective At Treating Alcohol Addiction?

Is Outpatient Detox Safe And Effective At Treating Alcohol AddictionClients who are in treatment for alcohol detoxification are in need of help to get to a substance-free state. When someone who has been used to months or years of regular drinking attempts to stop using alcohol, he or she will experience withdrawal symptoms, and one of the goals of a managed detox program is to keep the client comfortable.

Another goal is to treat psychiatric or medical problems that present themselves during the personal assessment or withdrawal process. Alcohol detoxification can be completed in a safe and effective manner on an outpatient basis.

Outpatient Detox For Treating Alcohol Addiction

Are you wondering, “What is outpatient detox?” With this treatment model, which is what we offer with our Restore Neurotransmitter Restoration Program, clients visit our facility a minimum of three times per week for between three and four weeks. Clients receive a personalized amino acid restoration protocol based on their individual needs, as determined through laboratory testing.

Once each treatment session has been completed, our clients can return home. They can continue to work, go to school, and take care of their family responsibilities. Clients also have the advantage of being able to get support from family members and friends as they go through this necessary part of the treatment process.

Differences Of An Inpatient Program

Inpatient program may be the better choice for clients who have a long-term pattern of alcohol abuse or a pattern of use that includes heavy drinking. When there is a high level of concern that a client will start drinking again unless all outside access to alcohol is prevented, then an inpatient program may be the best bet.

Advantages Of Outpatient Detoxification

In a situation where a client is dealing with a mild-to-moderate withdrawal from alcohol, then our personalized outpatient detox can work very well. We can offer a program that is just as effective as inpatient treatment, but which is much less expensive and time-consuming!

Our clients continue to maintain a regular routine in which they can return to their job, family and outside life on a daily basis.

If you or a loved one is interested in taking the first step toward breaking the hold of alcohol addiction – Call Us Now – We Can Help!

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How To Safely, Quickly And Naturally Detox Without Drugs

We have all heard about the positive effects of natural detoxification when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. This holistic tactic can now be used for drug and alcohol detox as well.

Using synthetic drugs, also called the step down method, has been a popular choice when getting over the physical additions to drugs such as heroin, prescription drugs, and crystal meth. The detox process in essence weans your body from the dangerous drugs and helps to take the edge off the physical need.

How Our Holistic Detox Process Is Safe And Natural

How To Safely, Quickly And Naturally Detox Without DrugsWe recognize the need for alcohol and drug detox, however, with our exclusive Neurotransmitter Restoration Program, we opt to go with a natural detox approach using exclusive individualized formulas.Holistic detox does the same thing as the step down method without the introduction of synthetic drugs and the stress that it causes to your body. We believe that the absence of chemical treatment is the best for you. We want you to start with a clean and healthy body when it comes to your sobriety.

Our natural detox does more than just get you weaned from your former drug of choice. Not only does it take care of the physical withdrawal symptoms, but it also helps to get rid of the toxins that have built up in your body from prolonged drug use in a shorter time than other detox methods.

We find that holistic detox is good for the mind, body and spirit as you are not replacing one drug with another; you are replacing one drug with a new healthy lifestyle.

Personalized Outpatient Detox Treatment

Not only will you be rid of drugs, but you will also learn about making healthy choices when it comes to food and healthy activity. You will learn that healthy living is a lifestyle that can be all yours. You will begin to feel better and you will see the positive effects very quickly.

Our outpatient program gives you all of the tools that you need to succeed. We start with a full medical review to see exactly what your detox needs are. From those results, we create a personalized detox plan that is designed just for you because we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to sobriety.

The only thing that you need to provide is the willingness to be clean and sober.

Call Us Now! Let Us Help You Break Through The Fear Of Detox!

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Detox Naturally With Neurotransmitter Restoration Therapy

Are you interested in finding a way to break free from the cycle of addiction but the idea of going through detoxification is holding you or a loved one back from taking that first step? There are many accounts of the horrors of going through this process “cold turkey” which is about as dreadful as it sounds: a painful experience that lasts for days. Depending on the drug involved, it can cause sleeplessness, anxiety, stomach upsets, and leave the person feeling drained – physically and emotionally and sometimes even causing death.

Alternative To Going Cold Turkey

Detox Naturally With Neurotransmitter Restoration TherapyThankfully, there are better and more humane options than this. Neurotransmitter restoration therapy offers clients a natural way to go through detox. Not only is it free from chemicals, but it will keep you comfortable as well.

The program provides all clients with combination of IV and oral supplementation, vitamins and minerals. This treatment is available on an outpatient basis to clients in the Palm Beach area.

Restore Outpatient Detox in Florida

There are a number of advantages to choosing the Restore detox program. For one thing, you will be able to return home every night without having to go to a residential facility. Starting the process of getting help for a substance abuse issue is stressful enough without adding going to new surroundings into the mix. You can start this all-important process of freeing your body from the influence of chemicals and have the support of family and friends throughout.

The first step in the process, when you sign up for the Restore program, is to undergo a thorough medical examination. Lab tests will be conducted to determine your specific needs. Next, you will receive a minimum of three weeks of personalized detox treatment. This will include basic oral supplementation, which will improve your stomach and cellular function.

The IV part of the program includes at least three treatments per week for three weeks. Lab tests will be done to determine what your maintenance protocol should be after this point. It will include oral amino acids, as well as other medical recommendations made based on your personal situation.

Do you, or a loved one, need help with kicking an addiction?  Does the idea of doing it naturally sound promising?

We Are Here To Help!

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Outpatient Detox An Option For Addicts Like Growing Pains’ Jeremy Miller

Former Growing Pains star Jeremy Miller shared his struggles with alcohol addiction after the show ended taping in the early 1990s on in an interview on Entertainment Tonight recently. Miller was a child actor who was cast in 1985 as Ben Seaver on the ABC sitcom, which ran for seven years.

After the show ended, Miller starred in three reunion movies of the sitcom. He also had a few other roles before withdrawing from the public eye.

Heavy Drinking And Blackouts

When the acting work became scarce, Miller would go to the liquor store, buy a pint and drink it before noon. By evening he would have finished another one. His drinks of choice were vodka, bourbon and malt liquor.

Miller says during this time he would experience blackouts. His alcohol use was a way of suppressing emotions, but it did not start once Growing Pains wrapped for good.

Alcohol Addiction Started In Childhood

According to Miller, he started drinking when he was four years old. His grandparents told stories about how he would finish guests’ beers during parties.

During his time on Growing Pains, Miller’s alcohol use got worse. He said that there were times when he felt suicidal and that he was thankful he did not own a gun during that time in his life.

Miller has turned his life around and has now been clean for two years. He works in a recovery clinic as a patient advocate and has two movie roles in pre-production.

Addiction Treatment Can Change Lives

Miller’s experience is proof that people can change their lives by getting the right help. Inpatient treatment is one approach but when a celebrity checks into a facility the story tends to make headlines. Both people in the public eye and those with a lower profile who need help with addiction have the option of getting help without having to move into a residential program.

Outpatient Detox an Option for Addicts like Growing Pains' Jeremy Miller

Image courtesy of Google

Outpatient detox is the first step in treating clients with substance abuse issues. Clients need to be free from chemicals before they can start counseling to deal with the underlying issues with their addiction. This approach allows clients to go through the process in a kinder, gentler manner and return home at night. Throughout the process, they get as much support as they need to ensure they are comfortable.

Natural alcohol detox is a way to break free from the influence of alcohol without introducing different types of drugs into a client’s system. Instead, IV and oral supplements are used over several weeks to start healing the physical body by improving stomach and cellular function.

This method can also be used for natural drug detox for clients seeking help to break free from prescription and street drugs as well. After this step, they move on to group and individual counseling, and holistic treatment options.

If you, or a loved one is struggling with addiction and looking for a holistic treatment approach contact Restore today!

Call Now 888-922-4944 – Counselors are Available 24/7

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